WET Gourmet Bathing

Can anyone beat that cover? This is the first issue of WET The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing from 1976. We are playing it as cool as we can but... WOW WOW WOW... It's not like it hasn't taken us a decade to find a copy of this first issue! It was worth the wait in gold!

There are so many favourite pages. This plunge pool in the lounge is only made more genius by the bridge allowing access to and from the kitchen! Pools in living rooms are cool - bridges in living rooms are historic!

What more can you ask for on the cover of a magazine? Not just a 'now and then' in the bath portrait of a mother and her three daughters but every copy of this issue had a St Bernard dog sticker hand applied! How many good ideas can anyone have?!
The most amazing aspect of WET is not that a magazine all about bathing and water existed but that it should turn out to be so popular. Within three years it had expanded in size and scope and had Debbie Harry on the front cover... and it was still 70% (about) water!

We love flecking! Any graphic effect produced with a toothbrush is good with us. It's why we like Fleetwood Mac's Tusk so much. The late 70's design of WET prefigured the early 80's design of everyone else!

We may have written about the WET t-shirt before but it can't not be mentioned. This model would win first prize in any matching blinds and sunglasses competition! Everything WET was wonderful. 

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